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Lover of the written word, the way words transport you to worlds far away, imaginable or make belief. A firm lover of all things Merlin, Fairies, magic and dragons. The way people, small, tall, real or whisperings of reality act, react and interact. Love a good read.

Song of Secrets - Tate Hallaway and Rachel Calish

— feeling amazing

The School for Wayward Demons - Book 1


Enter a world of magic, demons, shape shifting, witches and real bad-ass demon demons. The story of four young people, each with their own unique backgrounds, heart-aches, trails and demon or magic blood, drawn from different worlds and ending up together in the School for Wayward Demons. Exactly what they are: wayward, undisciplined, untrained and touching into worlds beyond their understanding and abilities.


Theo the shape shifter with a penchant for taking that which does not belong to her, living life on the edge and filled with resentment towards anything sisterly or magic. Kitty, the mathematical genius and daughter of a demon mother and forever shying away from life in fear of her constant failure to live up to her mother’s expectations. Gabe with the sight, living on the streets, running from the dark clouds of lower demons that he sees around him, having to come to terms with what his ability to see opens up to him. Then there is Erin, broken, metal bound Erin who has to learn to trust, not only herself, but her new surroundings, trying to understand that magic can be good and just how much magic she is.


This is a fast paced tale filled with all things magical and dangerous. The clever use of language and words imprints a sense of everything happening on the edge. Whether it be the edge of danger, laughter, lust or trust. A layered tale drawing on the strengths and weaknesses of the characters to not only convey a story of saving a world but also exploring the balance between good and evil, trust and friendship, being a balanced human, struggling with human questions and morals.


Was the song of secrets a song about the metals of the periodic table? A song about how to use the metal powers of the the Shaitans? What would Erin do with that song and her freedom? Will Gabe be able to unravel whether the Sangkesh are to be trusted, will his sight, being the seventh son of the seventh son help or hinder his journey into this new world where the fine line between good and evil confuses him. Will Kitty be able to solve the riddle of the prophecy: two demons, 2 witches, sing a song of secrets, sing a song of silver. Are the four of them the prophecy? The prophecy to keep the world of man safe and familiar and keep the magic alive? What about Theo’s attraction to Gabe, her reaction to magic and the realization that trust and family are words with more meaning than she could ever have imagined.

I loved the strong characters, the detail to small things, the feeling of “seeing” the characters, their environment and their feelings in vivid words. Unspoken tensions, regrets, pain and loss all become part of the healing process for these four students as they adjust to their new life at the School for Wayward Demons.


Really looking forward to the continuation of their journey.